A study of jazz and classical music

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Brains of jazz and classical musicians work differently, study reveals

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Studies Reveal Some Interesting Benefits For Classical Music Lovers

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Fact or Fiction?: Babies Exposed to Classical Music End Up Smarter

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In addition to specific jazz training, you will choose an additional study pathway of either Classical or Commercial music. These are designed to support instrumental and technical development, as well as specific notational and interpretative instrumental requirements.

Best Music to Study To

The Garn Family Jazz Studies Program enables young musicians in grades 7 through 12 to receive a comprehensive music education, while furthering their studies in the art of jazz. The program’s distinguished faculty includes some of today’s top jazz recording artists, educators, and performers.

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Undergraduate Semester Study Abroad Graduate Summer Programs January and Spring Break Programs. Here’s some suggestions of the best music to study to. Classical music.

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Studies have shown that classical music, particularly baroque music (think Bach and Vivaldi), activates both sides of the brain, increasing the listener’s learning capacity and the retention of information. Download sheet music for Classical. Choose from Classical sheet music for such popular songs as The Ball, Menagerie: Away With the Pixies, and Episode 1: Study of Time and Colour.

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A study of jazz and classical music
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