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NLRB's Report on Social Media Cases: Lessons for Healthcare Employers

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The list only includes those who CURRENTLY have an imposed administrative actions against them. Most hospitals and medical institutions provide healthcare social media policies for their physicians and staff, and as long as these guidelines are respected, social media is a great tool to.

A Health Care Social Media Case Study, Part II The information in Part II reflects the events of April 25, from a tactical standpoint, with critical regard to social media process and strategic considerations and implications for. Among other corrective actions to resolve the specific issues in the case, OCR required that the social service agency develop procedures for properly disclosing protected health information only to its valid business associates and to train its staff on the new processes.

DIGISPEC Case Studies for custom mouse pads. As part of an initiative to grow their social media presence, HealthWise Services created a mouse pad encouraging people to add the company on Facebook and Twitter.

Social media marketing campaigns & case studies in India all found under one roof.

A Collection of Social Media Case Studies

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Case studies social media healthcare
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