Continuum percolation study of carbon nano

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The three-dimensional continuum percolation problem of hard-core and soft-core (permeable) objects was an area of active research in the s[1]. A review and analysis of electrical percolation in carbon nanotube polymer composites.

MWCNT, Nano Carbon Tech. Similar results have been achieved by Balberg allowing a nonrandom distribution of voids in random void models of continuum percolation. We apply continuum connectedness percolation theory to realistic carbonnanotubesystemsandpredicthowbendingflexibility,length polydispersity, and attractive interactions between them influence the percolation threshold, demonstrating that it can be used as a predictive tool for designing nanotube-based composite.

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Continuum Percolation Study of Carbon Nano Tube Composites Via Size Distribution Effects

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Continuum percolation study of carbon nano
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