Healthcare it case studies

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Case studies

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See for yourself how Saba’s talent management technologies can help your organization. Some cases have been remarkable for starting broad discussion and for setting precedent in medical ethics Research. Research case country location year summary Psychosurgery: the AEC ran several studies on the health effects of radioactive iodine in newborns and pregnant women at the University of Iowa.

Maitland July Maitland utilized COBIT to create a shared understanding of information and communication technology (ICT) and its purpose and impact on the enterprise and to increase business oversight and accountability for ICT.

A cancer diagnosis leads to tears and heartache. But is it correct? Dr.


Paul Griner, Professor Emeritus of Medicine at the University of Rochester, presents the third in a series of case studies for the IHI. Part One: 1) The student will access the Joint Commission web-site and find sentinel event information and national initiatives regarding suicide and suicide prevention amongst patients in healthcare.


AMN Healthcare Staffing Case Studies

Exceeding mobile customer expectations with unified endpoint management from IBM MaaS with Watson. In a business built on tailoring solutions to each customer’s needs, telecoms provider Vivio was limited by its choice of device management software.

Healthcare it case studies
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