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Private Equity Case Studies

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Lean in Medical Device Manufacturing: A Case Study

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KKR: Leveraging Sustainability Case Solution & Answer

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Corporate Kleptocracy at RJR Nabisco

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Case study: Picard Surgelés When Candover Investments bought French frozen food retailer Picard Surgelés in February, the buyers hoped that an opportunity to exit. Can value still be created? Kohlberg Kravis roberts & Co.

AnnuAl Review. Contents Letter from Our Founders 1 Dedicated Process for Value Creation 30 KKR Portfolio Company Case Studies 49 Investments of the KKR Private Equity Funds letter from our founders Two thousand eight was a year of severe dislocation and extraordinary. A case study. Carlyle partnered with management to transform Vogue International LLC into a global supplier.

Value Creation Case Studies. ARINC; Avalon Advisors; BofA Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and KKR Capital Markets are expected to provide debt financing for the transaction.

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Listen to webcast. This presentation contains certain forward-looking statements pertaining to KKR & Co. Inc. and its consolidated subsidiaries (collectively “KKR”), including certain investment funds, vehicles and accounts that are managed by KKR (each, a “fund”).

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