North norfolk coast case study

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Case study North Norfolk

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Case study North Norfolk

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coasts case study: management- Norfolk coast

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coasts case study: management- Norfolk coast

Case Study Coastal Protection at Cromer; Coast Protection Assets The version of a detailed list of North Norfolk's coast protection assets. Coast Protection Assets The version of a detailed list of North Norfolk's coast protection assets.

Ostend to Cart Gap Coastal Strategy Study - Provides a framework for the sustainable management of the coastal defences between Ostend and Cart Gap, including Happisburgh. shoreline management plan- holding the line- stopping erosion or advancing the line- take the coastline forward (artifical reef) hard engineering- artifical structures- sea wall, rock aromour, groynes.

Cromer is an important seaside town on the North Norfolk coast.

Coastal erosion at Happisburgh, Norfolk

It became popular in Victorian times with the rise of the railway, and has remained so with the help of iconic Cromer crabs and. Happisburgh, on Norfolk's North Sea coast, is a village with a population of people in about houses.

The village contains a notable stone church dating from the 14th century, an impressive manor house, listed buildings and a famous red and white striped lighthouse (Figure 1).

Case Study for coastal recession on North Norfolk Coast

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North norfolk coast case study
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