Six sigma case study in manufacturing

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A case study in lean manufacturing and Six Sigma

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This Case Study represents the use of Six Sigma techniques to reduce labor expenses in manufacturing industry, to illustrate the implementation of Six Sigma methodologies in all the department of the organization. improving process performance by reducing inprocess rejection using six sigma methodology.

Contributor Melissa Connolly describes how Six Sigma helped to get the excess inventory under control. Many manufacturing businesses utilize Enterprise Requirement Planning (ERP) systems to manage supply and demand management of raw materials, work in progress (WIP), and finished goods.

Lean and Six Sigma Case Studies. We have picked some of our projects to show as Lean and Six Sigma case studies. We have conducted a huge variety of Lean Six Sigma projects across the World.

Projects have been conducted in many fields and many industries. Some projects are short and sweet while others have taken many months to complete. Six Sigma best practices are designed to help companies reduce the number of defects in business processes.

Defects are defined as product defects or undesirable events.

Case Studies

For instance, one company may describe excessive pollution as a defect.

Six sigma case study in manufacturing
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Six Sigma Case Studies