Supply chain case study interview

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5 Mini Case Studies: Successful Supply Chain Cost Reduction and Management

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Stuck on This Case Question

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Intel and Microsoft are specialists to the PC industry Hour the trend of smashing to find the right level of the intellectual to analyze. Question: I have a question regarding a case I had in an interview with AT Kearney last month. It started out as a simple profitability problem, which I worked through, and drilled it out to be that raw materials had spiked in cost over the past two years.

I then broke it down to find. The value chain is a classic framework to structure the activities of a business.

Graduate Supply Chain Interview Questions

Each step adds value to a product by transforming resources. use it to analyze all parts within a supply chain. In case of a business model redesign, How can you brainstorm in a structured way during a case study interview?

Best answer so far out of 2. LeanDNA has a lot of upside for inventory reduction and shortage management, but many people are wary of the process of launching new supply chain software.

We sat down with Jason Irvan, Director of Information Technology at Graco Supply Company, in our newest case study for a first-hand look into how easy a LeanDNA implementation can be. Question: I have a question regarding a case I had in an interview with AT Kearney last month.

It started out as a simple profitability problem, which I worked through, and drilled it out to be that raw materials had spiked in cost over the past two years. Tim, I've got an interview on Friday of this week.

I am excited! They have mentioned that there will be two interviews - behavioral and case study. As I have never done a case study interview before, I was wondering if you had any tips.

Overall I am excited about the next phase of. In a case study interview, it’s no different than the case study method that you learned in taking your PMAC Supply Chain courses.

(In fact, Professor Mike Leenders from UWO, who was pivotal in establishing with PMAC Supply Chain education in Canada, literally wrote the book on the Case Study Method, whilst at Harvard.).

Supply chain case study interview
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